Balfour Beattie

Grangemouth / BBGE

Using John Lawrie’s repurposed tubular products and bespoke procedures saved this
project 4,165.7tCO2e. (That’s a 97.21% saving over using new prime steel products).

The new Earls Gate Energy Centre is a new energy recovery facility at Earls Gate Park, Grangemouth. The new plant will replace an existing gas-fired facility and will provide heat and power for CalaChem and adjacent industrial plants, and export surplus electricity to the National Grid.

Enabling works started at the beginning of 2019 and construction is expected to take about three years.

Commissioning will begin in 2021 and the plant will be fully operational by the end of that year.
For this project John Lawrie supplied 10,200 mtrs of 508 od x 16 mm wall thickness pipe for use as piling in preparation for construction to commence.

Casing Pipe:
CO2 saving:
Balfour Beattie
Grangemouth, UK
Supply of steel tubulars for use as piling
10,200m of 508 OD x 16mm wall thickness
4,165.7tCO2e Which is the equivalent to driving a Ford Focus around the
circumference of Planet Earth 1181.2 times.
Project Summary

The project, situated in Grangemouth, Scotland involves installing around 260 No. 508mm diameter steel tube piles to support varying structures as part of the new Energy from Waste centre. This was in addition to 1400+ precast concrete piles previously installed by BBGE on the project.

Piles were installed using a Junttan PMX22 piling rig with a 5t hammer and were driven to depths of up to 45m below ground level. The tubes are also being welded full length where necessary to accommodate the combined tension and horizontal forces acting on the piles.

To date John Lawrie has supplied over 2 million tonnes of steel tubulars for use as piling which has minimised, saved more than ?? CO2e and helped establish a more robust economy. We are proud to be demonstrating innovative thinking in support of the drive towards a circular economy.

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