Akela Ground Engineering  

Redbridge Park & Ride

GREEN POWER PROJECT - Electric Vehicle Charging Hub at RedbridgePark & Ride, Oxford.

Using John Lawrie Tubulars’ repurposed tubular products and bespoke procedures saved this project 11.896tCO2e. (That’s a 97.21% saving over the production of new prime steel products).

Project Summary

Akela Ground Engineering was contracted by ACS Construction for the piling work at Redbridge Park & Ride charging hub on behalf of Dutch company Fastned. The charging hub will consist of 38 ultra-rapid electric vehicle chargers and is the UK’s largest public electric vehicle charging hub. Akela designed and installed piles supplied by John Lawrie Tubulars to support the canopies over the chargers in line with client specifications. 

The piles were 178mm od steel tube, supplied in 6m lengths and were driven into underlying sands to achieve the required capacity. The piles were dynamically tested to confirm capacity. 

Due to the confined worksite a JCB JS300 excavator was used to install the piles with a Movax SG60 side grip and DH25 drop hammer piling attachment. 

Driven tube piling is quick to install and eliminates spoil. Due to the reduced carbon footprint our repurposed tubulars offer, on this project, a reduction of 11.896 t CO2e was achieved.   

Casing Pipe:
CO2 saving:
Akela Ground Engineering  
Oxford, UK 
Supply of steel tubulars for use as piling 
178mm od supplied in 6m lengths  
11.896 t CO2e 
Waterfront Plaza
Brent Crossing