The Event Complex Aberdeen

Reuse and recycling have been a cornerstone of John Lawrie Group since its founding in the 1930s, delivering significant environmental and monetary benefits to customers during that time. Through our tubulars and metals divisions, we are a strong advocate of the circular economy, understanding the value the model provides to customers, particularly when faced with tightening environmental legislation, establishing zero waste strategies and reducing their carbon footprint.

Casing Pipe:
The Event Complex Aberdeen
Stoneywood, Aberdeen
Supplied steel casing pipe for use as piling

The P&J Live Arena, Aberdeen’s state-of-the-art conference, exhibition and entertainment complex
opened in 2019, boasts foundations made from oil and gas pipe and casing which have been repurposed and reused into piling posts. John Lawrie supplied 22,000 metres of previously used pipes and casing to the project contractor, Northern Piling Limited, which then utilised the pipes for setting the foundations of the new arena.

For the project we supplied more than 2,000 tonnes of pipe and casing, safely recycled from the oilfield wells of Aberdeen’s major North Sea operators and supply chain companies. The redundant materials were then reprocessed at our Montrose facility.

Project Summary

22,000 metres of previously used casing pipe were delivered onsite to Northern Piling Limited which
then installed approximately 1,750 piles throughout the duration of the six-month project. The pile lengths varied in size, between 12m to 19m for a combination of 244mm and 273mm casings.

Today, at our facilities in Scotland and the United States, John Lawrie Tubulars holds a stock of around 100,000 tonnes of steel tubulars that is suitable for use in piling and micro-piling projects in the construction and civil engineering sectors globally.

To date, we have supplied over 2 million tonnes of steel tubulars for use as piling pipe, which has minimised waste, saved an equal volume of CO2 emissions and helped establish a more robust economy. Reusing steel casing pipe as steel piling pipe demonstrates the innovative thinking required to fully realise the potential of the circular economy.

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Circular Economy